All of our products are manufactured in our Ballarat factory using only the highest quality components and materials.

Yes, we certainly do! Our sales representative can come to you and provide a free, no obligation quote. They will visit your site complete with displays and fabric/colour swatches.

Our range of fabrics all have their own advantages which would make them better suited to different areas and customer requirements. Our team would be happy to discuss the options and help determine what would best suit your needs. Below is a small overview of our fabric options:

Canvas is a block-out material that is great at providing your home with complete protection from the sun.

Mesh is a great option if you are wanting privacy and protection from the elements but don’t want to lose your view. Our mesh fabrics are available in a 95% and 99% block-out.

Clear/Tint PVC fabrics help to maintain heat in your outdoor area and provide complete protection from rain & wind, all without compromising your view.

Dirt, dust, leaf litter and bird droppings should not be allowed to remain on the fabric and should be removed by light sponging with warm water and carefully hosing off, or use a broom with a soft head to gently remove.

For stubborn stains, use mild household detergent (except on canvas) and lightly sponge before carefully hosing off. Do not use harsh chemicals or a stiff brush as these can scratch and damage the fabric and remove its waterproof and UV properties.

Do not use soaps, detergents, solvents or other liquid cleansers on the canvas fabric. This may affect the waterproof properties of the fabric.

Avoid rolling up the blind when the fabric is wet. If this must occur, ensure the blind is extended and allowed to dry as soon as possible, once the weather clears.

No, all of our products are custom made to suit your individual requirements. This ensures you are receiving a product that is going to fit your area and will be manufactured in the colour and style of your choice