Shade ‘n’ Sails’ sunblinds and awnings are custom made to your requirements and come in a range of designs, shapes, sizes and operation to suit your needs, with a full choice of fabrics and colours.

Sunblinds and awnings not only provide instant cooling features inside, but also provide protection from harmful UV rays that can deteriorate drapes, furnishings, carpets and timber flooring.

Types of Sunblinds & Awnings

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Automatic Sunblind

  • The most popular/common design
  • Covers the whole window area
  • Operated by guides allowing for easy adjustment
  • Can be stopped at any position over the entire drop of the window
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Fixed Guide Sunblind

  • Most suited for upstairs or multi-level applications
  • Covers whole window area
  • Operated by guide bars permanently fixed
  • Can be either internal or external operation by either rope & pulley, gearbox and crank handle or motorised
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Straight Drop Blind

  • Also known as verandah blinds
  • Operated with a spring roller
  • Does not have side guides
  • Blind cannot be stopped at mid points, must be fully up or down
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Wire Guide Blind

  • Gearbox and crank handle operation or motorised
  • Side guide rails are replaced with wire for a modern look
  • Blind has a modern tear drop shaped bottom rail
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Folding Arm Awnings

Folding arm awnings are a versatile product that can be used in any environment, from a residential backyard to a commercial cafe.

Folding arm awnings are great in small confined spaces, as they retract out of the way when not in use.

The standard folding arm awning unit is the most inexpensive unit and the arms are fully visible when retracted. A semi cassette awning is another option, where the unit is retracted almost completely in its own cassette for protection. The final option is a full cassette folding arm awning, where the unit retracts completely into its own cassette. Units can be operated by a gearbox and crank handle system, or you can opt for an ease of use method with a motor and remote control.